BNP WOOD is the leading importer and distributor of Wood in Vietnam , with varirous kind of wood types like: ASH, OAK, WALNUT… both Round Logs and Lumber. All is importerd directly from Europe , America, Africa.

BNP WOOD always supplies GOOD QUALITY – GOOD PRICES – GOOD SERVICE for all our products. With large distributing network , BNP WOOD is proud of the leading wood company in Vietnam.

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Ash Wood

Ash Wood is light-colored, smooth-grained hardwood. The Ash is a common name of 45 to 65 species of tree. The properties and habits of all these species are almost the same. Some main species are White Ash Wood, Black Ash Wood, Green Ash Wood, and many more. Ash is a member of the olive tree […]

Ash Wood Advantages and Disadvantages

Ash Wood Advantages Appearance: Ash Wood has a typically straight grain and light-brown hue, It is wood that is very attractive and gives a uniform look. Workability: Ash is relatively dense with good working and finishing properties. Its Janka hardness is medium. Therefore it holds the nail, screw, paint, and polish well. It can bend easily through […]

10 Amazing Facts About Oak

Oak wood is a common wood cut from oak trees and it’s frequently used to build household furniture because of its strength, durability and stunning grain appearance. It’s often used around the house for doors, chairs, tables and even floors. It’s classified as hardwood with more than 600 species, red oak and white oak being […]

Characteristics and Qualities of Walnut Wood

Solid wood furniture made with walnut wood is meant to impress and it never falls short of the mark. In the world of custom furniture, walnut wood is a dream as it is easy to work with and finishes beautifully. Want to know more about walnut wood? Let’s take a look at what makes it a luxury. […]